Custom Exhibition Stands

A custom exhibition stands is designed and manufactured to your individual and specific requirements. It is made from a variety of materials such as MDF, wood, acrylic and metal with different finishes according to your tastes and budget.

Don’t rule out a custom stand even if you do want to hire. We can design a stand for you that:

  • Could be used more than once – most of our clients with custom exhibition stands use them at 2 or more events each year
  • Could be easily reconfigured – if we know if advance that you need use your stand in more than one stand space and orientation then we can design and plan accordingly
  • Could be cheaper than you think – we have a wide range of custom hire elements such as walling, counters, demo stations, accessories and features that enable us to deliver a custom stand for less
  • Would be installed by our full time, trained installers, thereby allowing you to focus on marketing the event to your existing and potential clients and manning the stand to maximise your return on investment

For more information on our custom exhibition stands,contact us today!