Exhibition Stands

Simply Exhibition Stands specializes in the manufacturing of portable exhibition stands and much more offering our clients a wide range of stands.

We supply all our portable exhibition stands and modular stands at an affordable rate.

A modular stand display system is made up from a variety of interlocking, aluminium extrusion components, configured to suit your specific exhibiting requirements.

  • These components are assembled and dismantled with minimum tools, labour and cost, by you or by our trained installers
  • Using the same component parts, the stand can be easily reconfigured to fit a stand space or display area of any size
  • This makes a modular system extremely cost effective
  • Style/attribute/technique
  • You have the option to buy the majority of the parts required and then hire the extra bits and pieces from us, should a larger event come up
Portable Exhibition Stands

For more information on our portable exhibition stands and modular stands, contact us today!